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Best SSB Coaching Institute in Chandigarh | SSB Interview Coaching in Chandigarh

Best SSB Coaching Institute in Chandigarh
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Lessons Estimated Time
Maths 90 lecture
Physics 30 lecture
Chemistry 20 lecture
English 30 lecture
GK 30 lecture

Course Description

SSB is mainly a part of the selection of the aspirants to join Indian forces. It stands for staff selection based. It is the stage which comes offer passing many hurdles before, for appearing for interview or SSB one has to take part in NCC and has to clear the examinations and some standards. Some examinations like NDA, CDS, RIMS, OTA, TA, and some entries through which there is no need to clear written exam like TES, NCC JAG, B.TECH,TECH ENTRY, are some of them which help one to reach the stage of facing SSB .SSB consist of many activities and deferent stage and levels of taking test.

SSB invites many things like determinate, courage, leadership quality, confidence, Body posture etc. that are realized to clear SSB. There are so many their qualities apart form them that one should learn before SSB.

There are mainly three asccessors which access the candidates for 5 days, they are CTO, Psychologist and Interviewing officers.

These as cessors are responsible for the selection of candidates appearing for it. There are 5 stages involved and those candidates who clear all stage go father for medical checkup and father training. There stages:-

Day -1

Open ceremony with the speech of president of SSB they will address you all the information that you all the information that you need during SSB. After that candidates are allotted with the chest no and PIQ form give to them to till their details. PIQ reflects the personality of candidates.

2 test candidates on Day 1

Intelligence test and screening

Intelligence test consist of objective question boned on mental ability.

Screening : In This The Picture Is Shown And Candidates Have To Write The Story And Narrate It In The Front Of Their Group . A Group Comprise Of 10- 15 Candidates. 1 Minute Is Their To Narrate A Story. After This Time Is Given To You To Choose The Best Story Of Your Group. After 2-3 Hour Result Is Declared Of Day 1 And Approx 95 % Candidates Doesn’t Able To Make It To Day 2.

Day - 2

In this candidates has to face TAT, VAT, SRT, SDT etc

VAT – Where 60 words are given for making sentences on each word, for each word 15 sec is their

TAT – The matic appreciation test where 11 pictures would be shown to candidates for 30 seconds

For making stories and at last a blank picture is shown , you can write any story on that blank picture. For each story 5 minutes duration is given.

SRT : Situation Reaction Test where 60 situations are to be given to all the candidates to answer them within 30 minutes.

SDT : Self description test will be conducted. This is the last event of day 2

Day 3rd and Day 4th

On this day, tests are to given which includes Group tasks, snake race, Group planning, Exercise. Interview will be conducted in the evening.

Day 5th : Conference

At the end of the day, selected students are to be announced and stayed there for medical examination.

SSB is of 900 marks, All the 3 Officers have 225 marks each Conference also consist of 225 marks

Course Content

    SSB classes are taken under the guidance of Col. Kumar / Wing Commander Rajeev Chopra / WC Dinesh Nain.

  • Life time validity to rejoin.
  • Batch 50 - 2 0 students.

  • Special grooming classes by Psychologist.

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