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Bsc. Agriculture Entrance Exam Coaching In Chandigarh

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Lessons Estimated Time
Maths 60 lecture
Physics 60 lecture
Chemistry 60 lecture
Biology 60 lecture

Course Description

When we talk about agriculture , it is always said that agriculture is a noble profession, why it is said so, because it is a profession whose responsibility is to provide care to the seeds,soil etc in either community.farmers are the assistants of all who work harmoniously with each other in order to achieve one common goal, which is to render multiple levels of intensive and extensive processes.

Agriculture work continuously both 8 and 12 hours in the setting. In the professional field, farmer sacrifice their time and effort to concentrate on their fields.they give . Farming is a evidence based practice, every action of a farmer is documented. Farmers collaborate with other care team so that there is no miscommunication between them. They need to maintain Communication by which they will help to collect history from past as well as it will give positive sense to a farmer that things will become better. The nobility comes with the care and consideration by the farmers while they are trying their best to ensure that the health of their soil is always achieved. Agriculture is a profession in which we not only focus on soil care but also the health of environment is kept in mind.

Agriculture as a profession is a great choice because it is not only self centered job, in this farmer work selflessly for the nation. As any profession should possess a special body of knowledge that is constantly advanced through research and that is what farming is all about. In this there is continuous advancement in the profession through research. Agriculture is considered as a profession since it has a standard body of organization , autonomy, continuous growth. It has its own code of ethics. And moreover this profession gives us opportunity to obtain optimum health and save life.

Agriculture is the profession, which is challenging, interesting, and makes a difference in people's lives on a daily basis. In the agriculture profession, you deal with many aspects . Dealing with patients and their families, and helping them through what is often a difficult time . The field of agriculture provides you with the opportunity to serve on a daily basis, As you serve others, your need for self-actualization will be fulfilled and you will be able to give back to the society.

Well one more thing and most important thing...

I agree agriculture is a Nobel profession .But in our country it is not that much respected and also pay scale which is not good in comparison to foreign country's.

Course Content

    Demo Classes.

  • 3months / 6 month / 1 year coaching classes + crash course.
  • 5 hour daily regular classes.

  • Test series are designed on exam pattern.
  • Mock and speed test series.

  • Classes 6 days a week, Doubts classes on Sunday.
  • Hostel and PG facilities.

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